1 Day Google PPC Training Course

If you’re looking to improve your online advertising skills, Google PPC (Pay-Per-Click) can be a great place to start. It’s one of the most effective ways to get your business in front of potential customers, and with the right training, you can make your campaigns even more successful.

Bryson Digital offers a comprehensive one-day training course on Google PPC, which covers all the essential topics and strategies you need to know. Here’s a closer look at what the course covers and what you can expect from the training.

Google PPC Training Course Overview

The one-day training course is designed to help you learn the ins and outs of Google PPC advertising. The course is structured to cover the following topics:

  1. Introduction to Google PPC: This section covers the basics of Google PPC, including what it is, how it works, and why it’s important for businesses.
  2. Setting up a Google Ads account: In this section, you’ll learn how to set up a Google Ads account, how to navigate the platform, and how to create your first campaign.
  3. Keyword research: Keyword research is one of the most critical elements of any Google PPC campaign. This section covers how to research keywords and how to use them to create effective ads.
  4. Ad creation: Creating an ad that resonates with your target audience is key to a successful campaign. This section covers how to create compelling ads that get clicks and drive conversions.
  5. Campaign optimisation: Once your campaign is up and running, you’ll need to optimise it for better performance. This section covers how to analyse your data, make data-driven decisions, and optimise your campaigns for better results.
  6. Remarketing: Remarketing is a powerful strategy for targeting users who have previously interacted with your website or ads. This section covers how to set up and manage remarketing campaigns.
  7. Display advertising: Display advertising can help you reach a wider audience and build brand awareness. This section covers how to create effective display ads and target the right audience.
  8. Advanced strategies: Finally, the course covers advanced strategies for Google PPC, such as using ad extensions, setting up conversion tracking, and using automation tools.

What to Expect from the Google PPC Training

The one-day training course is intensive and hands-on, so you can expect to leave with practical skills and strategies you can immediately implement in your campaigns. The course is delivered in person by Alan Bryson, who has years of experience in Google PPC advertising.

The training course is open to beginners and intermediate users, so you don’t need any prior experience with Google PPC to attend.

Googler PPC Training Pricing and Availability

The Google PPC one-day training course is priced at £895 per attendee. The course is held in-person and is currently available in various locations across the UK.

If you’re looking to improve your online advertising skills, the Google PPC one-day training course is a great place to start. You’ll learn the essential strategies and techniques you need to create successful campaigns and get better results from your advertising efforts. You’ll leave the course with the skills and confidence you need to take your Google PPC campaigns to the next level.


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