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About Bumblebee EV

Bumblebee EV, a dynamic division of the renowned Arnold Clark, is a frontrunner in the electric vehicle industry. Faced with the need to increase their online presence and drive targeted traffic, Bumblebee EV made a strategic decision to choose Bryson Digital to help drive leads through both Google Ads and Facebook ads campaigns.

The Challenge

The objective was clear: optimise and escalate lead volume through strategically executed Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns.

Our Approach

At Bryson Digital, our approach to setting up Google Ads and Facebook campaigns for Bumblebee EV was driven by a strategic blend of precision, personalisation, and platform synergy. Our goal was clear – to effectively target both new and existing website visitors, spanning the spectrum from domestic to commercial customers across the UK.

Comprehensive Audience Segmentation:

We initiated the process by conducting meticulous audience segmentation. This involved identifying distinct groups, from eco-conscious domestic consumers to businesses seeking sustainable mobility solutions. Each segment was thoroughly analysed to tailor our campaigns to their specific needs and interests.

Dynamic Remarketing on Google Ads:

For existing website visitors, we implemented dynamic remarketing on Google Ads. By showcasing tailored ads based on users’ previous interactions with the Bumblebee EV website, we aimed to rekindle their interest and guide them through the conversion funnel.

Targeted New Visitor Acquisition on Google Ads:

To capture the attention of new website visitors, we crafted targeted Google Ads campaigns. Leveraging keyword research, location targeting, and demographic insights, our strategy aimed to introduce Bumblebee EV to a wider audience interested in electric mobility.

Precision-Targeted Facebook Campaigns:

Simultaneously, on Facebook, our approach mirrored the precision of our Google Ads strategy. Utilising the platform’s robust targeting options, we designed campaigns that resonated with both new and existing audiences, ensuring a consistent brand message across channels.

Tailored Ad Creatives for Domestic and Commercial Audiences:

Recognising the diverse needs of domestic and commercial customers, we crafted ad creatives that spoke directly to each segment. From the convenience of electric commuting for individuals to the practical advantages of a sustainable fleet for businesses, our messaging was meticulously tailored.

Unified Brand Messaging Across Platforms:

To enhance brand recall and create a seamless user experience, our team ensured that the brand messaging remained cohesive across both Google Ads and Facebook. Consistency was key in reinforcing Bumblebee EV’s position as a leader in their market.

Continuous Optimisation and Analytics:

The success of our approach was fueled by a commitment to continuous optimisation. Through A/B testing, analysing performance metrics, and adapting to evolving trends, we ensured that our campaigns consistently delivered maximum impact and value for Bumblebee EV.


Our approach resulted in a substantial increase in website engagement, lead generation, and brand visibility for Bumblebee EV across both Google Ads and Facebook. By precisely targeting domestic and commercial customers, we facilitated a meaningful connection between Bumblebee EV and its diverse audience, contributing to the brand’s growth and impact in the competitive electric vehicle market.

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